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  NMC Utah:

4 easy steps to Qualify for a Utah Med Card

Utah.gov ID

How to Get Utah Medical Cannabis

STEP ONE: Create an
account at Utah.gov ID,


How To Utah Cannabis Card

STEP TWO: Create an
application for medical cannabis. 

Intake Form

Utah Medical Marijuana Card

STEP THREE: Complete our secure
intake form,

Please tell us everything you have tried to treat your condition, and include any current medications.

Make An Appointment in Lehi

Medical Marijuana Card Clinic

STEP FOUR: Make an

Welcome to NMC Utah: A Medicinal Cannabis Clinic


  • A Personalized Patient Experience.
  • Affordable Access and Education.
  • Real Symptom Relief.

Expected Costs of Utah Medical Card with NMC Utah

New Patient Cost: $220
6 month Renewals just $99 for exisiting NMC Patients
1 year Renewals $185 (add $15 state fee for all new and renewing patients)

Why Choose NMC Utah

A Personalized Patient Experience

We get to know you so we can discuss cannabinoid medicine and your goals for symptom relief.

No Product Restrictions

Our patients are engaged and empowered to make good choices, so we generally don’t place additional restrictions beyond legal limits.

Low Renewal Cost: $99 6 month, $185 annual

Low cost is a part of our committment to access and symptom relief. New patients also receive discounts on product and services.

Get A Utah Med Card

For Utahns with a qualifying condition, NMC Utah makes it easy.​ Click below to get started now and be ahead of the game.

Renewing Your Utah Med Card

Renewing your med card elsewhere is a hassle, so we made it easy with our video telehealth visits and text reminders. Patients that have had their card for OVER a year may be eligible to renew for a year, at $185. Our 6 month renewals are $99 and the state charges a $15 fee.

Renewal Cost about $200 a year with NMC Utah in 2022

We are celebrating the success of Utah medical cannabis and EVS system improvements in 2022; reduced costs, improved quality, delivery (see our blog), and patient discounts, all of which add up to an improved patient experience.

Action Required by Patient: Before and after these renewals – you have action items to complete in order to renew your card. You must verify your contact info and driver’s license or ID info BEFORE any appointment, and be ‘awaiting certification’ so we can certify you. To do this, log in at step 3, above, at evs.utah.gov, then click Tracking Inbox. Click ‘Patient’, then click your name so that you arrive on the Patient tab with your contact information. Verify your patient info, then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click ‘Save and Submit for Certification’.

Pay your state renewal fee

AFTER any appointment, please log back into the EVS, and click the +new button on left of the screen after clicking Tracking Inbox, and your name as in the previous step. Now click the blue Click here to Pay button to enter credit card or payment information. If you don’t get a receipt BEFORE your card expires, please call us when you have internet access and can log into the EVS and so that we can upload your certification. If your card expires, please expect a delay in reinstatment; about a week. Sorry folks, that’s just how it is:)

How do I renew my card and how do I know when I need to do something to keep my card active

You’ll also receive an email from the State of Utah’s medical cannabis department when it is time to begin the renewal process and complete the first action item, above. As long as you renew with your current provider, these are done via Telehealth. Simply book your appointment online or give us a call.

Tight on money at renewal time? We won’t let that be the reason your card expires. Let us know so we can preserve your active card status and create an invoice with a due date you can live with.


Renewing Your Card from Another QMP

If you have a valid card from another provider but would like to renew it with NMC Utah? Why wouldn’t you take advantage of our cost effective renewal pricing and personalized care?!? Just complete our intake form above at STEP 1 and be sure you are ‘awaiting certification’ per the renewal section, then book. We’ll give you our special new patient renewal rate of $120 with $99 renewals after that.

Vets get $15 off always. Just sayin’.

Oops, card expired with another clinic? No problemo. We charge $120 for patients with expired cards transferring over from another qmp.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Driver’s license or ID (It can be out of state, however you may need to show proof of residence to visit a pharmacy in Utah).
  • Physical medical record(s) documenting the health condition(s) for which you will be applying for a medical cannabis card. We don’t need your entire history, just a page or two identifying the source or diagnosis of your condition.
  • Ensure all links for intake form and application links in your appointment confirmation email are completed 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please note: All patients must be ‘awaiting certification’ in the Utah EVS prior to their appointment.
  • Cash or Credit/Debit Card or Health Saving Account required at the time of your appointment. Sorry, no insurance or Medicaid accepted at this time.
  • Utah Medical Cannabis Cards are printed or can be downloaded directly from your patient profile on the Utah EVS (Electronic Verification System), usually within a week of being certified. We will send you an instruction email so you never have to guess what comes next to keep your card active.

Take A Cruise

Take a cruiser for a cruise before or after your appointment. There’s a bike trail right outside our Lehi location. Don’t stop movin’, don’t stop believin’!

Service & Price

Utah Medical Cannabis Prescription
Non-qualifying patients are not charged.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Check here frequently for cannabis science, patient tales, industry info, and steep discounts on cool stuff!

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