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For Utahns with a qualifying condition, NMC Utah makes the process of getting a medical cannabis card easy.​ Click below to get started now and be ahead of the game:

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Utah Medical Cannabis 

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All new patients receive 10% off their initial patient cost through March as our expression of community solidarity.

STEP ONE: Complete an intake form,

STEP TWO: Create an account at Utah.gov ID, and

STEP THREE: Create an application for medical cannabis.


STEP FOUR: Make an appointment. We see new patients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Your phone calls are welcome Monday thru Friday from 8 to 5 and Saturday from 10 till 2. If we miss you we will do our best to call back within the hour.

Bring appropriate medical record and meet face to face with one of our QMP's. If certified, you can visit our local pharmacy immediately to purchase product. Initial Patient Visit charge is $220. Renewal visits are now $99. If we can't certify you there is no charge for your visit. Discounts available for veterans (15%).

Renewing Your Card Med Card

Renewals are every 6 months with the exception of your first renewal, which is at 90 days. Costs for these renewals are $99. You will receive an email from our clinic, as well as the State of Utah's medical cannabis department when it is time to begin the renewal process. Please read both emails.

Tight on money at renewal time? Don't let that be the reason your card expires. Let us know so we can help preserve your active card status with delayed payment options.

Renewing Your Card from Another QMP

So you have a valid card from another provider but would like to renew it with NMC Utah and take advantage of our cost effective renewal pricing and personalized care. No problem! Just let us know your card expiration when you book and we'll give you our special new patient renewal rate of $170 with $99 renewals after that.


Take a cruiser for a cruise before or after your appointment. There's a bike trail right outside our Lehi location.

Don't stop movin', don't stop believin'!

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Driver's license or ID (It can be out of state, however you may need to show proof of residence to visit a pharmacy in Utah).

  • Physical medical record(s) documenting the health condition(s) for which you will be applying for a medical cannabis card. We don't need your entire history, just a page or two identifying the source or diagnosis of your condition.

  • Ensure all links for intake form and application links in your appointment confirmation email are completed 24 hours prior to your appointment. Please note: All patients must be 'awaiting certification' in the Utah EVS prior to their appointment.

  • Cash or Credit/Debit Card or Health Saving Account required at the time of your appointment. Sorry, no insurance or Medicaid accepted at this time.

  • Utah Medical Cannabis Cards are printed or can be downloaded directly from your patient profile on the Utah EVS (Electronic Verification System), usually within a week of being certified. We will send you an instruction email so you never have to guess what comes next to keep your card active.

Service & Price

Utah Medical Card Certification Office Visit

$198 through March 2021

Veterans: Please accept our thanks for your service and a 15% discount every time. 

Still Have Questions? Call us at 801-448-9990,


Need another source of info? Try UDOH's FAQ Here

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