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NMC Utah makes it easy to get your Utah Medical Cannabis Card.

Rely on us to help you navigate the world of Utah medical cannabis and alternative therapies.

See below for step by step instructions, or click here for a list of qualified conditions.

Don't hesitate to call with questions. This is a new program, and we are here for you.

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Appointments Available Weekly for Utah Medical Marijuana Card Certification by our state certified QMP's in Lehi,

serving Utah County and beyond

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Booking an appointment is easy! Complete your intake links in your confirmation email, meet with one of our QMP's, and get certified for $220. Renewal visits are $100. 

Review the qualifying medical conditions, available here

Call or email us today. Our cannabis experts are dedicated and compassionate. If you aren't sure what type of medical record you need, contact us!

At Utah's First Mobile Clinic in Vernal, UT - July 2020

Our practitioners make NMC Utah special. We are proud to be on the frontier of healing.


Call us and see why.

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How do I get my Medical-Cannabis Card in Utah?

It's easy, just a few simple steps. Call our patient coordinators at 801-448-9990 with your questions. We are cannabis experts who can help you understand medical cannabis in Utah as a treatment for a variety of conditions.
Our mission IS helping you to navigate Utah medical cannabis and to answer your questions.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Driver's license or ID (It can be out of state, however you will need to show proof of residence to visit a pharmacy in Utah).
  • Physical medical record(s) documenting the health condition(s) for which you will be applying for a medical cannabis card.
  • Complete link for intake form AND application (we email those links in your appt confirmation and are available weekdays from 8-6 to answer phone calls or emails). Include a list of all prescriptions for your medical cannabis recommendation.
  • Cash or Credit/Debit Card required at the time of your appointment. Initial visit is $220. Renewals are $100. Sorry, no insurance or Medicaid accepted at this time. 
  • A little patience! Cannabis Medical Cards can take up to 15 days to be issued by the Utah Department of Health. Usually turnaround is less than a week.

Service & Price

Medical Cannabis Certification for Utah Medical Cannabis Card 



Veterans: Please accept our thanks for your service and a 15% discount on our services.



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