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Meet our QMP’s and Cannabis Experts in Lehi and Cedar City

Call us if you’re not sure you’d qualify. YOU can decide if a Utah Med Card might be good for you

Amy Flynn

Amy, an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner, makes everyone in her presence feel comfortable. Patients will appreciate her light heartedness, and for the rest of NMC Utah she is a pleasure to work with. Amy has a complete understanding of health management and can discuss adjustments you can make to keep you happy and at peak performance. Also, Amy does home visits on Wednesdays, so let us know if you’d prefer us to come to you! In her spare time. Amy is a karate sensei for young valley grasshoppers and manages hospice care services as well.

Lisa Ostrander

Lisa is our Tuesday practitioner and embodies the meaning of ‘hard work’. She sees patients in a hospice setting outside our office hours and faces all life can throw at us with humor and lean forward energy. Lisa also does home visits on Tuesdays. She cares about a patient’s right to seek informed and effective symptom relief with minimal side effects. Lisa looks forward to the day when masks aren’t in between all of our interactions.

Matt and Roxann Poulton

Patient Care Coordinators & Clinic Directors
NMC’s Patient Care Coordinators lead from the trenches. Matt and Roxann are cannabis experts and former medical cannabis care providers from Colorado. They have years of medicinal cannabis medicine experience, including teaching non-solvent extraction and edible oil and topical infusion to seasoned professionals and beginners alike. And they are easy to talk to, because they want to be your cannabis educational resource.

Whether you know what works for your symptom relief or if you are a first timer and have questions about whether medical cannabis is right for you, NMC Utah gets to know your situation. No canned answers here – we listen first, then empower you to take charge of your wellness. We’ve certified hundreds already and feel we are most effective when we have a personal relationship with you. We are excited to be serving patients on the front lines while contributing to cannabis science in the dawning of the age of medical cannabis