Clinic Locations

Clinic Locations and Mobile Clinic

NMC Utah in Lehi

Located on the Silicon Slopes near Thanksgiving Point, NMC Utah is headquartered on the first floor of the Spaces building at 3300 Triumph Blvd. We have certified over 1000 patients from all over the state! Whether you live in Cedar City, Lehi, Salt Lake County or anywhere in between, we are your local cannabis experts and experienced QMP’s. If you have a qualifying condition, we want to help you get your Utah med card so you can access cannabis medicine. We pride ourselves on our patient care. We don’t do product restrictions or limits and new patients will receive exclusive product discounts. Did you know that WholesomeCo Direct delivers and have waived their delivery fees? New patients will receive a $100 off a $200 order. Get qualified for your Medical Cannabis Card and take advantage of our exclusive discounts! Renewals are all done via Telehealth, we will reach out to you prior to your card expiration date so you don’t have to worry, 90 day and 60 day renewals are $99.00 If you’d like to be remembered and valued as a patient, call us.

NMC Utah is headed back to Cedar City, Friday May 21st and Saturday May 22nd.

NMC Utah in Cedar City~ November 19th & 20th

NMC Utah is busy creating access for all Utahns as fast as we can. We are busy creating more mobile clinics. Cedar City, here we come! Do you suffer from pain that lasts more than two weeks? You may qualify for a Utah Medical Cannabis Card. If you don’t qualify there is NO charge. Meet with one of our QMP’s and be on your way to natural relief. You can reserve your appointment online or give us a call and we will walk you through the process. You’ll receive a confirmation email with intake links and everything you need to know for your appointment. Check out their menu here

Uintah County, Duchesne County...

We are proud to make rural patients a priority, not because its easy but because the medical cannabis movement can’t be successful without patient access throughout Utah. Now that delivery by Wholesomeco is delivering to all corners of the state, we are finally seeing rural Utahns get access. Come see us and receive exclusive discounts on new patient evaluation and product. Qualifying patients can now visit a pharmacy the same day! Give us a call for more information.