What is required to apply for a medical cannabis card?

If you have any questions, feel free to call us or email our staff at info@naturalmedicineclinicofutah.com.

These are the steps to a Utah med card. Lean on us for guidance. We are here to help.

1.  Review the Qualified Conditions and decide which condition or conditions you plan to apply under. 

2. Request an appointment online or with a phone call to our intake team at

801-448-9990. We'll take your calls Monday thru Saturday. You'll get an appointment confirmation within 24 hours with all the links you need to begin your application.

3. Complete an intake form via our easy patient portal. List all current prescriptions for your medical marijuana pharmacist, as well as any previous injuries, diagnoses, or descriptions of chronic pain you are currently experiencing. Think about what you can provide to document any diagnoses, injuries, or conditions that caused chronic pain.

4. Create a Utah.gov login ID.  Then login to apply for medical cannabis. If you get confused, consult the Patient Guide.

5. Gather your health records to document any diagnoses of qualifed conditions. Gather records of any injuries, procedures, or conditions that may have led to chronic pain if you are seeking pain relief with medical cannabis. Start this process right away. Call us with any questions. Medical records are NOT a requirement in some cases.

Though they are not a requirement for a medical cannabis evaluation, they can help to strengthen your application for a medical cannabis card. Our patient coordinator team can help you identify and gather what you need for a successful application. We reach out to all patients 72-48 hours prior to the appointment to confirm that you have what you will need to document your condition for your application.

6. Come see us at our beautiful new home in the Spaces Building in Lehi. Think of some health goals you'd like to achieve with medical cannabis and write them down. If you'd like a Letter of Recommendation, available through the end of 2020, please ask for one. If we have what we need to certify your application, there is no charge for the Letter, which will get you into one dispensary and give you instant medical cannabis legal protection.

7. Log back into the EVS system and pay the $15 Utah State Medical Card Fee. We can help you do this at the time of your appointment.

8. Log back to the EVS system after a week or so to print your card, and enjoy your legal cannabis access at a Utah pharmacy.

9. Consider helping other patients by volunteering for our anonymous and secure efficacy tracking. Share what strains or products you are using and your own assessment of how well its doing. We will stay on top of card expirations and reach out to you when it's time to renew. When we visit you for a card renewal (this can be a telemedicine visit) you'll have the option to opt in to this groundbreaking cannabis science for the benefit of those who will come after us seeking cannabis natural medicine.

These are the current steps and if they change, we will keep everything updated. Call us anytime if any of it is unclear. As medical cannabis is a new thing to Utah, we expect questions. Our goal is to remain a reliable resource for Utahn's seeking natural medicine relief and access to medical cannabis. Let us help you move forward.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA. We are not claiming to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or health condition. 


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